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WELCOME. now mobile-friendly!

To celebrate, available are iPhone, iPad, & iPadMini cases & covers featuring Alan Oldham artwork, a new slipmat design and have added some additional art pieces available for sale:

iPhone Case

"Say Nice Things About Detroit!"

This form-fitting featherlight case provides full coverage to iPhone 4s.

$36.99 (US)

€26.99 (INTL)

iPadMini Cover

"Say Nice Things About Detroit!"

Features the mult-ifunctional design that folds into multiple stand positions.

$49.99 (US)

€39.99 (INTL)

iPad Cover

"Say Nice Things About Detroit!"

Protects iPad 2/3/4. The multi-functional design folds into multiple stand positions.

$49.99 (US)

€39.99 (INTL)

Slipmat (1 Pair)


Don't leave those decks bare, outfit them with these slipmats featuring Alan Oldham's rendering of "Rorschach".

$15.99 (US)

$15.99 (INTL)

Shipping added at checkout.

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Alan D. Oldham has been called "Detroit Techno's Renaissance Man" (Musik, UK).

A lifelong cartoonist and graphic designer, a young Oldham published his own comic book "Johnny Gambit" in 1987 to local notoriety. Perhaps best known for his international DJing and original music under the guise DJ T-1000 for the Generator, Pure Sonik, Tresor, and Inzec labels, Alan D. Oldham began as an illustrator/comic book artist who published such notable characters like Johnny Gambit, and Dangergirl aka Orietta St. Cloud. Oldham's artwork graced the early releases of Derrick May's label Transmat which introduced him to the techno music world and years later responsible for the iconic look of the hard hitting techno and house label, DJAX-UP-BEATS, Netherlands.


Label Art

Oldham's artwork's first entry in the electronic music arena was when childhood friend, Derrick May, was producing his first twelve-inch record, "Nude Photo," in 1987 on his Transmat label for which Alan did the artwork. In 1990, Oldham sold an EP to a small Dutch label called, DJAX Records. After the release of the EP, label boss Saskia "Miss DJAX" Slegers hired Oldham to create the graphic identity of DJAX-UP-BEATS. Ten years on, DJAX dominates the Dutch techno scene and Oldham's trademark visual style still defines the label. Today, Oldham's artwork is also gracing a new generation of record labels, such as NEW RELIGION, THIRD EAR RECORDINGS, SEVENTH SIGN RECORDINGS, BIRKEN LTD., OPILEC MUSIC, DRUM CODE, and DE:TUNED.

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Johnny Gambit

Back in 1987, a young Alan D. Oldham (the future DJ T-1000) produced his first widely-released indie comic book, called JOHNNY GAMBIT. JOHNNY GAMBIT, the comic book was featured in the first-ever article about Detroit Techno in London's The Face magazine (1987). In 2009, Oldham restarted the project with it's first installment, "Johnny Gambit: The Prodigal Son".


Vectra is the latest in Alan D. Oldham's stable of comic characters. The fully-painted VECTRA: Black Girl From The Future Issue Zero comic book was published in 2009.


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